How to write a script for an image film?

Image films are an important part of the communication of companies and organizations.  Such productions are not intended to directly sell or promote specific solutions. However, their role is crucial. This is because they allow you to build recognition and evoke and strengthen specific associations with the brand. To create such a production, you need a script. See how to prepare it.

A good branding video starts with a marketing strategy

In order for the production of an image film to begin, a script must be prepared and an overall aesthetic concept developed. Before this can happen, however, you need to take a step back. Such a production will not succeed if you do not clearly define the basic premises of the communication.

So before you start writing the script, take care to clarify the following points.

Target group of the image film

A script for a branding video written with B2B clients and the wider business environment in mind will look completely different from one aimed more at consumers. Determine who the production will target.

Communication and marketing objectives

What message should an image video carry? What should it say about your brand and in what light should it portray it? Do you want to present your organization in it as an attractive employer? Or perhaps as a socially or environmentally responsible company? These are just examples of the goals you may want to achieve.

It’s a good idea to put this information in the form of a brief – so that it serves as a reference point at each stage of scenario development.

Image film script – how to write it?

An image film should be based on storytelling. It should present a single story – one that “pulls” the viewer along and triggers certain emotions in him or her. It’s about those feelings that are later to be associated with your brand.

So it is worth taking care of:

  • creating or choosing a protagonist whose charisma will attract the audience’s attention – this could be, for example, one of the company’s employees that the camera follows during the workday, the CEO or an outsider to whom the story will refer;
  • a coherent story to be presented with images and sound – relating to the specifics of the brand and the message to be the goal of the production.

Remember!A branding video should be no longer than 2-3 minutes and it is recommended that it be balanced in nature. There is no room for explicit product promotion or a large number of CTAs. What matters above all is the impression that such a production will leave on the audience..

Image film script from the technical side

A good idea for a script for an image film is not enough. It still needs to be transferred to paper in such a way that the team in charge of production is able to capture the concept in the eye of the camera.

Thus, the important things are:

  • to dissect dynamic dialogues instead of long, elaborate sentences; if an off-screen narrative is planned instead of a conversation, it too should be based on concise statements that are easy for the viewer to “digest.”
  • Adding context – just as in a play the author puts didascalia, so the screenwriter must put clues about how the characters are supposed to look and behave, what they are doing in a scene.

Do you want to commission an image film and need help with the script? Let’s talk about it! Get in touch to work out the details with us.