How long does production take from idea to final film?

Are you thinking about producing an image film or commercial? If so, you may be wondering how long it will take. We won’t give you a zero-one answer, and for a very simple reason: it depends on a myriad of factors! See what influences the shooting time of a film production!

What does the filming time depend on?

Imagine two scenarios.

  1. We are shooting a videopodcast: an interview with a well-known person that will take place in the studio; the length of the finished production is about 30 minutes.
  2. We are preparing an image film for an industrial manufacturer – it includes short interviews with the management, a presentation of the company’s headquarters and – in part – the production process. It is also necessary to add animations showing the advantages of the company’s flagship product.

What do you think: which of these productions will be made faster? The answer comes to mind, and with it – a list of some factors that can affect the length of filming. However, let’s list them – so as not to leave anything out.

The stage when you start working with a creative film agency

You can come to our film creative agency with an already finished script for a project we are to execute, or you can have us work from scratch – based on a general idea.

In the first option, the cooperation will last a little shorter on our side. Our task will then be only more or less interference with the presented materials, so as to best translate the concept into the language of the film. However, in general, the whole process may take longer – depending on how much time your team spends preparing the script.

In option two, the cooperation begins with a brief, on the basis of which it is our team that prepares the scenario for your approval. It takes some time for the team to create it. How much, for example, will depend on the complexity or length of the production. However, as we have extensive experience – thanks to cooperation with us, most often the pre-production stage will be shortened.

So if you already know that you need help with your script – don’t waste your precious time. Contact our team!

Type of production

“Simple” interviews or videocasts are materials that usually do not require a long time spent from preparation to the finished result. The shooting itself is often one shooting day. Then you need to spend (indicatively) a few days editing, adding subtitles or other elements.

The case is completely different when a commercial film is created – one in which, for example, elements of “standard” filming techniques and animation are combined, and filming takes place in several different locations. In such a case, you have to reckon with an increase in the time spent working on the material.

Filming location

Studio or outdoor? It does matter! When you shoot, for example, at a company’s headquarters or other location, you often have to wait for favorable conditions for recording. You may need, for example, the right weather or light. In such conditions, the “logistics” are also prolonged – the crew and equipment have to get to the location, “set up”, spend time on the road, etc.

Therefore, in many cases shooting in a studio speeds up the process of filmmaking – there are fully predictable, stable conditions. What follows – you can plan the schedule of action very precisely.

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Number of tasks to be performed in post-production

The filming itself is not the end of the story. After recording the “raw material”, editing is needed. Its length depends, among other things, on how long the finished material should be. But not only that. All additional elements are also important – such as improving the parameters of the image, adding special effects, animation, subtitles, etc. The more such tasks to perform – the longer you have to wait for the final result.

How long do you estimate it will take to work on my film?

As you can see, it is difficult to “by eye” indicate how long it will take to shoot an image or advertising film for your company. If you want specifics, just talk to our team about it. Once we know your production idea, we can easily estimate how long it will take to work on it. This will allow you to consciously plan your marketing activities – so as to achieve the best possible results. Feel free to contact us!