Video as a lead magnet in your sales funnel

Acquiring a customer is a drawn-out process. On the way to a deal, you have to overcome many steps – leading a potential customer towards a purchase. The first step is to attract his attention and, as a result, acquire a lead. A good starting point can be a video. See how to use such material and what its power is.

Acquiring leads – the first step to conversion

When you’re running a business, you’re well aware of the importance of the sales funnel and efficient communication with your potential customer at every stage – not just just right before the deal is finalized. You also need to take care to attract the attention of the recipient – so that he or she will want to get acquainted with your message and, over time, become convinced that something is worth buying from you.

Attention – you literally have a few moments to capture the attention of a potential customer! Therefore, you need to make the most of them – so that the “bait” thrown has the best possible chance of “catching”. That’s why video as a lead magnet is a hit.

Video as a lead magnet – why choose this form of communication?

Why can video footage be the best “launch” point? We recommend this form of communication not only because we are involved in the production of footage ourselves. It is simply the simplest and most effective way to catch the attention of your audience.

There are at least several reasons for this.

“A picture says more than a thousand words” – video as a lead magnet will get more attention than text

In even a few seconds of footage you are able to encapsulate the essence of your message. Yes, you can also do it with a catchy headline. However, picture works more on the viewer’s imagination. It allows you to establish a connection and a thread of understanding with him from the very first moment.

Besides, video works on emotions. With its help, in a split second you can arouse the viewer’s liking for your brand or a certain image of it (e.g., as luxurious, user-friendly, aimed at an audience of a certain age group).

Video builds relationships

The fact that footage affects emotions also affects the speed and effectiveness of building relationships with the audience. Thanks to video, your brand will become closer to the audience and they will gain a concrete idea about it. One that can encourage them to check out an offer or contact an advisor.

Video tells stories

With a video, it will be easier for you to introduce yourself or your company or, through storytelling and a protagonist with whom the viewer can identify, strengthen the bond and inspire a potential customer.

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Video lead magnet gives you a wide range of distribution options – where your audience is

Video as a lead magnet can be used in many ways. It can, of course, go to your company website, but not only. You’ll also use it in social media – for example, so that it links directly to a landing page and is geared toward quick conversions.

Remember that in today’s market the importance of materials uploaded, for example, on TikTok, Instagram or as part of YouTube Shorts is growing. These services are used by audiences of different age groups – no longer just the youngest. Therefore, if you want to reach them quickly, you will do it precisely through video link magnet.

How to create a good video link magnet?

There is no one good strategy for creating video link magnets. Much depends on what your company offers, how it positions itself, and who specifically it wants to reach. However, it is worth remembering a few basic principles.

Topics referring to issues important to target groups

In your materials, it’s a good idea to address issues related to their needs or problems (to which your company’s products may be the answer). After all, most often the first stage of a buyer’s journey is to find a way to address some challenge. For example – a customer may be struggling with back pain, and the way out may be to invest in a good quality mattress. It is worth taking advantage of this mechanism when preparing a video lead magnet.

A short message that will get attention from the first seconds

With lead magnet video there is no room for long exposure. Instead, you need an immediate impulse that will make you want to watch. Make good use of visual means and ensure an attention-grabbing script.

CTA – or call to action

Video lead magnet powinien zawierać call-to-action, a zatem wezwanie do działania. Może to być np. link do landing page do pozostawienia danych kontaktowych.

Potrzebujesz pomocy w wykorzystaniu video do pozyskiwania leadów? Zróbmy to razem! Skontaktuj się z nami, a wspólnie opracujemy strategię, dzięki której zwiększysz szanse sprzedażowe.